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How To Get Your Dream Custom Home By Knocking Down & Rebuilding New

Have the home you want ahead of schedule and under budget without compromising on your vision…

If you can’t bear the thought of uprooting the family and leaving the community you’re in, then knocking down and rebuilding could be the ideal solution for you.

Especially if your kids are in school, it’s close to all your friends and family or you’re in love with the Sunday brunch at your local coffee spot.

It’s a common misconception that knocking down and rebuilding a new home is the most expensive option but nothing could be further from the truth.

It’s often much more affordable than a renovation, and avoids the hidden costs of selling up and moving (like stamp duty and agent’s fees) many overlook when buying an established property.

6 Reasons to Opt for a Knockdown Rebuild

knockdown rebuild new home
Knockdown Rebuild Project
  • 1 It’s often less expensive than an extension or renovation
    If your home needs a considerable renovation, chances are you’re financially better off to start again with a blank canvas.
    You’ll avoid the hidden and costly issues that always pop up with a renovation, plus you’ll get the exact home you want, without having an obvious ‘new section/old section.’
  • 2 Avoid the hidden costs of moving
    Many don’t realise the cost of selling your home and buying another comes with tens of thousands in hidden costs. Stamp duty could be upward of $25k, and agents fees of 2% on just a $600k sale will cost you $12k alone, not to mention additional marketing fees.
    Then there are building inspections, pest inspections, removalists and conveyancing costs on top. It could easily end up costing you upwards of $40,000 plus just to relocate.
  • 3 You don’t have to uproot the family
    You already know the neighbourhood, the kids are settled in school and sports, and you know where everything is. Starting afresh somewhere would mean having to settle into entirely new surroundings, teams, schools and neighbours.
  • 4 The value of your land is already high
    Chances are if you’ve been in your home for some time, you’re in an area that has seen significant growth
    This means if you want to stay in the area, you’re going to have to pay a premium to find an existing property nearby as it will have appreciated at the same rate.
  • 5 You don’t have to upgrade a new home
    Older properties require upkeep and maintenance, not to mention the changes and upgrades you’ll need to make the new place suit your lifestyle.
    This includes furniture or appliance upgrades, layout changes, or putting in a garage, storage or walk in robe you just can’t live without.
  • 6 Investing in a new home on your block is a great ROI
    Selling a new and unique custom home in an established suburb sets your property apart, giving it a higher resale value that’ll be easier to sell down the track.
    And don’t forget, your valuation will immediately be higher on completion.

4 Reasons Why Stannard Family Homes Are In A Class Of Their Own

Get the Exact Home You Want

We’ll build your home based on the specific needs of your family, treating it with care and attention to detail - so you get the exact design, features and appliances you’re looking for.

Fixed Price

For your peace of mind, the entire investment for your building is agreed upon in advance. This includes both building materials and labour.


Our “on time, on budget” blueprint and online portal means you won’t be chasing builders for updates to get tasks done. This ensures a stress free and enjoyable building experience.

Transparent Communication / One Point of Contact

We’ll listen to you throughout the entire building process to ensure we achieve the desired end result.

Our Triple Gear Operation Management System Delivers Your Dream Home Like Clockwork

This blueprint sets us apart from any other builder, and gives us the framework to create unique custom homes to the highest standard each and every time.

Welcome To Stress Free Building.

The moment a home gets the green light we enter it into this construction management system, which sets up a schedule right through to the day we hand your keys over.

We’ve designed it with every single step and process automatically built in so you can follow that timeline through to completion.

The best part?

  • You’ll receive your very own logins to the client access portal so you can oversee each and every step for yourself.
  • You’ll get access to daily logs where we update any action occurring on site each day. That’s so you know exactly what’s happening at any given moment, saving the stress and headaches of wondering what’s happening.
  • You can see our entire project management system. With complete transparency from start to finish, we believe it’s the best way to show you that your home is on track and on schedule so you can rest easy.

You’ll have complete unfettered access to the entire home build project at your fingertips. It keeps our communication channels clear, open and completely transparent so you can rest easy knowing your home is in safe hands.

This is essentially the system that contains all our systems.

Every staff member has their entire job role along with each and every step they are responsible for (no matter how big or small it is) documented in System Hub.

This means if someone is unwell, another team member can review their ongoing projects, see exactly what stage they’re up to and what has to happen next.

There’s even a step-by-step guide of exactly HOW to complete every single task the entire company needs to run. From the director to the receptionist, EVERYTHING is documented 100% meaning your build can never veer off track.

This also allows our directors, managers and team leaders to follow up the status or outcome of any stage of your build to confirm when each step is completed.

It’s a failsafe system to ensure your home build is completed on budget, and ensures  all our homes are built on time, and to the highest standards.

At Stannard Family Homes we have a designated staff member for every step of the process.

  1. It starts with our custom home specialist who’s there from the very first design concept meeting right up until you make the decision to go ahead. They will then work with our pre construction coordinator through the council approval and selection stage.
  2. Next the pre construction coordinator steps in and coordinates all the council approvals, demolition, job costings and ensures the pathway is clear for your new home build to begin.
  3. The selection consultant comes in next to hold your hand through the journey of choosing everything you need to completely customise the home so you get the forever home you’ve always dreamed of.
  4. Next, control shifts over to the construction manager who makes sure everything from a construction perspective is wrapped up, with the details finalised, materials ready and the whole build primed to get underway.
  5. And finally the project is passed down to the supervisors who build the house.

This whole system is in place so there's no miscommunication and a clear cut off line where one person’s responsibilities end and the next begins.

“The combination of these three perfectly synchronized systems means you get the exact dream home you want, on time, on budget and to the highest quality standards in the industry.”
- Ryan Stannard, CEO

What Our Clients Have To Say About Their Custom ‘Forever’ Homes

Taking our clients from a simple idea, bringing it to life and seeing the excitement on their faces as we hand over the keys is what we love most. This is what some of our clients say about the experience they had with Stannard:

Our Process

On Time, On Budget Blueprint

  • 1


    Together, we determine if your dream is possible within the allocated budget.

  • 2


    The plan is created for your perfect home, and a fixed price agreed on.

  • 3


    All relevant approvals are organised, so the site is ready to build on. Final selections and specifications are made.

  • 4


    Communication is clear throughout the build via your online portal (which logs all emails and notes), phone calls, emails and onsite meetings to ensure no detail is missed.

  • 5


    Our thorough 21-point quality control handover process is completed, and you move into your home.

  • 6

    100% Satisfaction

    We will return to address any concerns either immediately if required, or during the 3 monthly inspection.

Our Process - Choosing Tile

To discover more about our superior processes, systems and team check out our Custom Homes page

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