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We specialise in custom home building, so we encourage you to be involved in the design of your new home – it is such a rewarding experience! We are able to work in partnership with you and organise an initial meeting with our designer to establish your new home requirements. Using the information discussed, the designer will commence drawing and provide the concept plan for your new home. Throughout the design process, at Stannard Family Homes we provide support with feedback and suggestions on your plan from a professional and practical builder’s perspective.
The family home will generally be the greatest investment you make in your lifetime. Not only is it a big financial commitment, it will also be an emotional commitment. As you plan your new home one of the first decisions you will make is to go with a smaller custom-home builder, or one of the big volume builders.

The main difference between the two is custom-home builders are generally small construction businesses who specialise in unique builds, with each home they build being a little different to the last. A custom-home builder can design and prepare plans based on your specific requirements and site, or build from plans provided by the client. They also have a higher standard of construction principles, giving a premium quality and finish. One of the benefits in choosing this type of builder is the flexibility and choice you have as you work collaboratively with your builder to design and select the fixtures and finishes you want.

Generally, when you work with a custom-home builder you work with the builder directly. He will assist you through all stages of the building project.

Volume builders operate by providing a range of standard designs they have in their library. They are generally not site specific, so don’t allow for layout flexibility. Usually, your choice of fixtures and fittings is limited and service is poor.
A construction site can be a potentially dangerous environment, and our home builders team take health and safety of all visitors to the site very seriously. We are happy to have you visit the construction site of your new home, but do insist that it is with the permission and accompaniment of a Stannard Family Homes representative.
We currently use the Housing Industry Association contracts.
Our homes are all custom builds. A square metre rate does not apply, due to the level of finish and design criteria. Every home is different which means the m2 price is different for each home being built.
All plans are drawn to the Client’s specific needs and desires, as no two people are the same. Each plan is as individual as you. Clients want their home to express who they are, so when they move into their new home, they have achieved an ‘expression of themselves’ and as a result evolved as one. Our designs are created to compliment every aspect of your land. By designing to suit your aspects you achieve excellent energy saving thermal and acoustic qualities. This is of the utmost priority in today’s society.